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Visa Free for Filipinos

Korea will allow visa-free entry through Jeju and Yangyang international airport starting June 1, resuming a visa-waiver program that has been suspended for more than two years due to the pandemic.

Starting June 1, visa free travel to Korea begins again. To enter Yangyang, it must be a group of 5 or more members to be accredited and can stay up to 15 days in Korea. Upon visiting the group can also visit the nearby cities including Seoul, but need to fly back to Philippines via Yangyang airport. For Jeju, tourists can stay up to 30 days. However transferring to other places rather than Jeju is prohibited.

Upon visiting Yangyang, tourists can easily visit the nearby places such as Gangneung, Jumunjin, Nami Island, Goblin filming location, BTS music video filming locations and more.

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