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Tourist Destinations during Rainy Season

Philippine Travel Destinations Perfect Even in the Rainy Season

The Philippines is one of best destinations to travel to during the hottest months of the year, thanks to its long list of white sand beaches and beautiful islands that will make this bucket list-worthy country a real paradise. However, did you know that aside from being a perfect summer getaway, the archipelago has also a lot to offer during the long months of the rainy season?

You don’t have to feel gloomy about the rainy days – a season that starts in June and ends in October, especially if you’re used to being on the road and traveling during the long weekends. There are still places that can be ideal destinations during the rainy season in the Philippines.

Here are some of the best rainy seasons travel destinations in the Philippines that you can visit.

• Pagsanjan Fall, Laguna

• Baguio, Cordillera

• Baler, Aurora

• Siquijor

• Anawangin Cove, Zambales

• Cebu Province

• Cagayan de Oro

• Palawan

• Tagaytay

• San Fernando, Pampanga

Now that you have your list of the best travel destinations in the country especially during the most boring days of the rainy season, you only have to remember one very important thing: safety. Make sure that you’re traveling safe and well-prepared in all your adventures.

Keep your lines open, tell a friend or a family where you’re going and always plan the trip ahead. Do your research and consult the latest weather forecasts before saying YES to anything extreme and off the road.

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