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Three Activities that you may do during rainy days.

For someone who really loves to travel, the rainy season will never be a deterrent. Despite the blowing wind and the heavy rains, you can still do something to make your adventure one for the books. After all, who says that you cannot have fun while it’s raining cats and dogs?

The sunny weather may have rested for a while and gave way to the perfect season for sleeping and in-house activities… for some. But, the rainy season is indeed the right timing for true-blue travel lovers who want to dampen their adventurous spirits and take their pluviophile personality to the next level.

Here's some Activities that you may do during rainy days.

  • Surfing

The stormy weather may have taken away the sun’s glowing rays and you can’t have the tan lines that you want upon hitting the beach, but, you know too well that waves are better for surfing when it’s a rainy day. The Southwest Monsoon or the Hanging Habagat in local term is a perfect match for waves. The surfing havens Baler in Aurora and Siargao Island have the best spot for surfing addicts. During the rainy season, the waves in these areas are much better to ride on with your surfboards.

  • White water rafting/kayaking

Been wanting to brave the raging rivers? Then go water rafting or kayaking! Just make sure that you have the proper gears and equipment as well as a guide or someone who is familiar with the river and its vicinity. The rain may add up to the strength of the current so still, you must be very conscious of your safety while enjoying the ride.

  • Relaxing by the beach

Some people, summer is the perfect season for beach getaway. But for some, the rainy weather is still a great moment to take advantage of. During this season, of course, there will be fewer tourists so the solitude this place can give you is a great way to relax yourself. Moreover, you go to the beach to get wet, be refreshed, and not just for tan lines.

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