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Plan your journey ahead of time and create happy memories with your loved ones here in Dingalan.

Come and discover the stunning town of Dingalan in Aurora! It’s about time to explore one of the underrated destinations of this lovely province and enjoy its exciting sights and activities. You’ll definitely enjoy your time here with your family or friends, so seize every moment.

Located in the eastern part of Central Luzon, Dingalan is an ideal place to loosen up even for a short time. In case you’re looking for a serene and beautiful spot to spend your time off, then this is the perfect one for you. There’s nothing to regret about visiting this town as it offers tons of great things to everyone.

Here’s a rundown of the best things you can do with your buddies in Dingalan:

1. Wander around the incredible White Beach 2. Trek to the awe-inspiring lighthouse 3. Visit the jaw-dropping view deck 4. Swim at the delightful Tanawan Falls 5. Explore the astonishing Lamao Caves 6. Head to the pristine Matawe Beach 7. Check out the alluring Laktas Falls