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Pet Travel @ 2GO

Calling all 2GO FUR PARENTS of all breeds of all cats and dogs*! If you are a dog person or cat person, 2GO Travel na ang bahala sa fur babies niyo. Here are the complete details on how will you enjoy our 2GO Pet Travel service for you and your fur babies - kasama man onboard or i-mi-meet niyo sila sa designated port! You can be assured of safe onboard pet care with the designated staff o pet handler checking on them regularly during the trip plus easy turnover and pullout of your pets from the origin to the destination. Walang hassle sa pet travel requirements dahil our helpful agents are here to assist you every step of the way. Kaya naman your fur babies are SAFE AND SOUND with 2GO Travel!

Requirements in bringing pets onboard with passenger/s or pet owner/s: 1. Properly caged (provided by the pet owner). 2. Must be accompanied by a passenger. 3. Veterinary Health Certificate (VHC from your Vet) shall be valid for three (3) calendar days upon its date of issuance. 4. Vaccinated against rabies not more than 1 year but not less than 14 days at the time of departure/shipment with a Rabies Vaccination Certificate/Record signed by a licensed Veterinarian. 5. Shipping Permit from Bureau of Animal Industry shall be valid seven (7) calendar days upon its date of issuance. (VHC is a prerequisite in the issuance of shipping permits). 6. Payment for the pets’ Bill of Lading depends on the actual size of the cage (secured and settled at the pier on the day of departure. 7. Pets are not allowed in any of our accommodations. They would be placed on a separate area in the vessel. Owners are allowed to visit and feed their pets.

For more information Contact us: 09176335246 Email us: We are located at 730-a Don Juico Ave, Brgy Anunas, Angeles City. WE ARE OPEN MONDAY - SATURDAY FROM 8:30AM to 5:30PM Let's Travel with Safety!