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MT 387!

The Nueva Ecija province is well-known and recognized as the “Rice Granary of the Philippines” because it is the biggest producer of rice in the country. However, only a few Filipinos know that in the northern section of Nueva Ecija lies an astonishing mountain. One of them is Mt 387. It has an elevation of 724 MASL and is considered one of the most picturesque mountains in the Philippines.

Mt. 387 also known as Batong Amat is located in Barangay Puncan, Carranglan, Nueva Ecija. It offers incredible views and stunning sceneries of the Caraballo mountain range, from the fascinating sunrise to the captivating hills, golden sunset, and its impressive Aloha Falls.

Mt. 387 became one of the most popular hiking destinations in the province of Nueva Ecija among the hikers and campers due to the fact that it was dubbed by many locals and tourists as the Chocolate Hills of the North. At the summit of Mt. 387, one can see the chocolate shapes of the Caraballo mountain range and hills which are identical to the Chocolate Hills of Bohol province.

Surrounded by the hillocks of the Caraballo Mountain Range in Nueva Ecija is the Talavera Watershed Forest Reserve where the hiking trails of Mt. 387 are situated. It was said that the mountain was named as such due to the 387 hectares size of land which belongs to the Talavera Watershed Forest Reserve where Mt. 387 is located.

According to its past history, Mt. 387 was a prominent spot for treasure hunting. It was even reported to be the place where the famous Yamashita gold was buried and hidden. Thus plenty of foxholes and hollows can be found in some parts of the mountain.