Hello, Beach bum 🌊 - " ANGUILLA "

Alluring and unassuming, Anguilla is a Caribbean gem. Dazzling beaches are the island's biggest draw, mixed with friendly locals and an authentic island vibe that package tourism has diluted on other Caribbean islands.

Serenity seekers come here to sprawl on the island's silky strands, swim in luminous water, play Robinson Crusoe on Anguilla's offshore islands, and snorkel or dive the fish-filled reefs and wrecks. Other popular things to do in Anguilla include dining at the island's fine restaurants and browsing the art galleries and museums. You can also hop aboard a ferry or small plane and take a day trip to explore the nearby island of St. Barts.

If you are fortunate enough to visit all ten of these breathtaking beaches, you may never want to leave. From snorkeling to bird-watching to jet skiing, the beaches in Anguilla have a little something, for everyone.🏝

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