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Explore, Discover and Enjoy the beautiful places in Ankara!❣️

Ankara is a province of Turkey, which is situated partly in the region of the Black Sea, the Mediterranean Sea, and Central Anatolia. Ankara Province is the home to the capital city of Turkey, which is also named Ankara City.

Main Attractions

- Anıtkabir (Atatürk Mausoleum complex) - Kocatepe Camii (Kocatepe mosque) - Ankara Castle - Ruins of the Temple of Roma and Augustus - Citadel (Kale) Neighborhood - Gençlik Park - Atakule - Erimtan Archaeology & Art Museum - Haci Bayram i-Veli Cami - Ankara State Opera House - Anatolian Civilizations Museum - Haci Bayram Mosque - Old Quarter - Wonderland Eurasia - Hamamonu Restored Area

Local Delicacies

- Doner Kebab - Mardin Köfte - Yaprak Manti - Meze - Borek Pastries - Menemen vegetable omelet - Baklava - Dolma - Turkish tea & Coffee - Efes Beer

Best time to travel to Ankara Ankara has a typical continental climate. It is cold and snowy in the winter, hot and arid in summers. In this case, you can visit Ankara whenever you want, keeping in mind that the city is infamous for its cold winters, and summers tend to get very hot around July.

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