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(8 Tips for The First Time Flyer)

if you’re flying for the first time or haven’t flown in many years, you’re probably anxious or even fearful about what to do before the flight, at the airport or aboard the plane.

Before the flight

1. Secure travel documents and photo IDs

Gather photo identification first and foremost. If you’re flying within the country, you’ll need an identification card with a photo, issued by the government – either one of your driver’s license, Social Security card or Taxpayer’s ID would do. If you’re flying internationally, you’ll need a passport valid for six months from the date of departure, and, where applicable, a VISA that allows you entry to your country of destination and don’t forget your plane ticket…

2. Prepare your luggage

Make sure your luggage meets weight limits. Check the specifications for your airline by visiting its website. Look for the section on baggage information, which is usually under “Travel Information.” Fees apply for checked bags although there are free baggage allowances, which range from 7 to 15 kilos. On seasonal promos some airlines even give a free baggage allowance of up to 30 kilos.

Carry-on luggage is usually at 7 kilos. In this bag, you’re able to put liquids in 100mL containers or less, as long as they fit in a single, quart-sized, sealable clear plastic bag. It’s within standard airport policies to consolidate the bottles you’re bringing into one bag have the security officers X-ray them separately from the carry-on bag.

3. At the Airport…Arrive early!

Know the location of the airport, facilities provided and parking costs in advance if you’re driving. Leave a buffer time for emergencies, like a going back home to get a certain document you may have forgotten. To be safe, aim to arrive two hours early for a local flight and three hours before an international flight.

Once you arrive, go to the schedule board to find information about the flight.

4. Check in at the airline desk

Have your photo ID ready and follow the signs to the check-in desks. The officer will look up your reservation, print boarding passes and collect any baggage fees for checked bags. You’ll be asked to weigh your bags on the scale, and they’ll be tagged and placed on a conveyor to be taken to the plane.

5. Go through security check

Present your IDs and boarding pass at the security gate. Take off your shoes and jacket once you reach the screening machines, and place then into a plastic bin you’re your clear plastic bag. It will get sent down the conveyor along with your carry-on bag. You’ll be asked to walk through the metal detector. Afterwards, retrieve your items.

6. Find your gate

Check your boarding pass for your gate number, or the electronic displays to find your flight code and gate number. Follow the signs to get to your gate, and wait while seated until a gate agent calls for boarding.

Prepare for random, unexpected cases of flight delays. Bring a book and be a good sport about it—take a walk, sip some coffee.

7.Inside Plane… Find your seat and settle in

Check the numbers above each row to find your seat. You can stow small bags under the seat in front of you and your larger carry-on stuff on the overhead bins.

For long flights, make sure to bring or wear something warm. Ask for a pillow and a blanket to make you comfortable in case you want to sleep.

Bring some gum or candy, it helps when the pressure becomes to much for your ears. It’s the swallowing, not the chewing action that helps, actually.

There’s food and refreshments, whether complimentary or for sale. Just ask the flight attendants nicely.

8. Land and exit. You made it!

Once your flight lands, collect your baggage and wait patiently to file in the isle and walk out of the plane. Follow the signs for baggage claim at the destination airport. Your departure city and flight number should show up on an electronic display. Wait until the conveyor starts moving and your bag arrives.

Finally, you can now tour and explore, and make the most out of your trip! Happy flying!

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