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10 Top Places to visit in Maldives

Also called Maldive Islands, independent island country in the north-central Indian Ocean. It consists of a chain of about 1,200 small coral islands and sandbanks (some 200 of which are inhabited), grouped in clusters, or atolls.

1. Hp Reef

One of the famous spots for tourists. Where you can explore several superb coral reef formations and colorful fish underwater.

2. Biyadhoo Island Resort

A peaceful and quiet place and is also considered one of the best resorts all over the world. The island offers the tourist's variety of water sports from diving, snorkeling, and many others.

3. Jumhooree Maidan, Male Atoll

This is a republic square located on the Northern beachfront of Male.

4. Utheemu Ganduvaru, Bodu Magu

It is a historical place was the house of Sultan Mohammad Thankurufaan.

5. Hukuru Miskiiy Mosque, Kaafu Atoll

Also known as the oldest Friday Mosque of the country.

6. Banana Reef, North Male Atoll

Also known as the most sought out diving site in the Maldives.