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Port Barton!

Port Barton is just a small village along the western coast of northern Palawan. Contrary to popular belief, it is NOT a town. It is simply one of the barangays of the municipality of San Vicente.

It’s a small, quiet village. It’s so tiny, you can walk from one end to another in a matter of minutes. Unlike its more famous neighbor El Nido, it is not that popular among tourists. There are no luxury hotels here. No fancy restaurants. No crowds. But that’s exactly why the few tourists it manages to attract come here in the first place, its precious silence. Although tourism is beginning to grow, it barely makes a beep compared to all the roars of the usual juggernauts like Boracay, El Nido or Cebu.

More info you need to know:

  • Language: Tagalog is spoken by the majority. But English is widely understood and spoken.

  • Mode of payment: CASH!

  • Money Exchange & ATM. There are no banks or ATMs in Port Barton, so make sure you’re stuffed with pesos before you arrive. Exchange while you’re in Puerto Princesa or Manila.

  • Safety: Palawan in general has a very low crime rate. But common safety practices should be observed. Don’t leave your belongings just anywhere and make sure you lock your room doors especially if you’re leaving. There are also no hospitals here, only a small clinic, so please be very careful. The nearest major medical center is in Puerto Princesa. And no, there are no terrorists in Port Barton.

  • Electricity Info: 220V, 60Hz. Socket Type A, mostly. Electricity supply in Port Barton is limited. Power runs only between around 5pm until midnight, unless your hotel/inn has their own generator.

Best Time to Visit Port Barton

December to April. These months are the driest and sunniest. Thanks to its location and isolation, mainland Palawan isn’t hit by typhoons as often as the other parts of the Philippines, but the rest of the year still catches a lot of rain especially in August and September.

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