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Panglao Island Bohol

While the stunning Chocolate Hills is the identifier of Bohol, there are other lots of precious gems in the province worth discovering. And if you’re the type of traveler who loves the beach, Bohol is a catch especially if we’re talking about Panglao Island.

It is known for its white-sand beaches, islands, and diving sites making it Bohol’s very own piece of Boracay.

Here’s a list of the must-visit Panglao Island Bohol tourist spots:

* Alona Beach – The most popular beach in Panglao * Balicasag Island – Perfect for snorkeling * Hinagdanan Cave – A majestic underworld * Virgin Island – Where island dreams are made of * Bohol Bee Farm – All things organic * Panglao Watchtower – The tallest of its kind in the country * Panglao Church – A baroque-style church near the sea * Doljo Beach – Perfect for watching the sunset

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