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If you are not sure where to head off for a memorable vacation, why not try Marinduque? You probably never heard of the name but we can assure you that this can prove to be one of the best holiday destination options you ever considered.

Let us know about Marinduque!

Marinduque is renowned for its peacefulness as well as its natural beauty. It is also most known for its annual festival held during the Holy Week. This is the Moriones Festival, which combines religion with folklore. If you were to visit Marinduque at this time of year you will surely enjoy seeing the people wearing costumes replicating attire worn by biblical characters, and most of the Roman soldiers.

It is also a favorite spot for visitors and tourists at this time of year. However, it is also a perfect location for a vacation all year round, especially if you want to visit a safe and beautiful place. In fact, Marinduque is a serene place, which would be an ideal location for those who love nature.

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