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Hibiscus Camp Consocep – The Little Baguio of Bicol

Hibiscus Camp Consocep is located right at the top of Mount Isarog and minutes away from Consocep Natural Park. The Camp was derived from the scientific term of gumamela which the owner's favorite flowers. It features a small cabin surrounded by flowers and take a dip to their three pools while enjoying the serene view of nature. An hour away drive from the heart of Camarines Sur, Naga City, that you definitely shouldn't miss when you're in the area.

The best time to go and experience Hibiscus Camp Consocep is during summertime particularly months of March to May as the temperature drops during the rainy season.


Entrance Fee: ₱100.00/Person (Inclusive of whole day swimming)

Cottage Rentals: ₱300.00 – ₱1,500.00

Prenup Photo Shoot Fee: ₱3,000.00 (Inclusive of Entrance for 8 Persons)


- Resort Operations is from 7:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

- No overnight stays, they don’t have any accommodations to offer.

- First come first served, No Reservations.

- Everyone may bring extra picnic umbrellas, and food with NO

CHARGE but they don’t allow cooking.

- The three-layer infinity pool: The first layer is 4ft; the second layer

is 3ft, and the third layer is 4.7ft.

- Prenup Photo Shoot is allowed with a fee.

- There are nearby stores but they only offer snacks and


- Food is available: 12″ Pizza, Smoked Burger, Jelly Dew, and Rice


- They practice clean as you go (CLAYGO), please don’t leave

behind trash in your picnic spots:

- Leave No Trace. No picking of plants/flowers.

- No smoking.

- After Hibiscus Camp, you may visit the Ocampo Deer Farm just 18

minutes away from the camp.


For more info:

Contact us at 09176335246 or email

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