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Dubai World Expo 2021

Expo 2020 is scheduled to be a World Expo to be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, originally scheduled for 20 October 2020 – 10 April 2021. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic in the United Arab Emirates, the new dates are 1 October 2021 – 31 March 2022. Despite being postponed, organizers will keep the name Expo 2020 for marketing and branding purposes. It is the first time that a World Exposition has been postponed to a later date rather than canceled. The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) general assembly in Paris named Dubai as the host on 27 November 2013. Expo 2020 aims to increase awareness about the challenges faced by humanity on a global scale. It is the world's largest meeting place and offers many opportunities such as networking and promoting international relationships.

Main theme Expo 2020

The main theme of Expo 2020 is Connecting Minds, Creating the Future.

According to the organizers, the Expo will be a “festival of human ingenuity,” in recognition of collaboration and partnership as today's engines of growth. The Expo's theme also recognizes that generating sustainable solutions to global problems demands collaboration across cultures, nations, and regions.

Sub Themes Expo

Opportunity (reflecting the necessity of financial capital as a resource to support growth, and partnerships as a primary driver of innovation and employment),

Mobility (physical mobility for individuals, access and distribution of goods and services, and virtual connectivity through information technology),

Sustainability (the need to use resources without compromising the ability of the planet to sustain future generations, in recognition of the role of natural and built habitats in ensuring human well-being and community resilience)

Participants at Expo 2020

Country pavilions (192 participating nations)

Partner pavilions (3 participating partners)

Organization pavilions ( 5 International organizations)

Special pavilions ( 5 participating partners )

When to visit Expo 2020

The last date of the Expo was due on April 10. 2021. But the authority has revised the dates and suggested a delay in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic situation. Dubai Expo 2021 will be hosted between October 1st 2021 until March 31st 2022.

Tourists travelling to Dubai

Before you book

Check if you need a visa. Depending on your nationality you can get a visa on arrival, or you can apply for your prearranged visit visa from Dubai Immigration before you travel.

Before you travel

There may be specific departure requirements in your country before you leave. Check the information on our Travel Requirements page.

Requirements for all passengers arriving in Dubai

All passengers travelling to Dubai from any point of origin (GCC countries included) must hold a negative COVID‑19 RT‑PCR test certificate for a test taken no more than 72 hours before departure, except for travel from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka (for which specific requirements are stated below). Please see the requirements for travel from India below.

The certificate must be a Reverse transcription-polymerase Chain Reaction (RT‑PCR) test. Other test certificates including antibody tests, NHS COVID Test certificates, Rapid PCR tests and home testing kits are not accepted in Dubai. Travellers must bring an official, digital or printed certificate in English or Arabic to check-in – SMS certificates are not accepted. PCR certificates in other languages are acceptable if they can be validated at the originating station. Digital COVID‑19 certificates are accepted upon arrival at Dubai International airport verification points.

COVID‑19 RT‑PCR test certificates must be issued by an authorised facility in the passenger's departure country. Certificates that have already been presented for travel to another destination can't be used for re‑entry even if they are still within the validity period.

For passengers arriving from the following countries, it is mandatory that the COVID‑19 PCR report includes a QR code linked to the original report for verification purposes. The QR code must be presented at check‑in and to representatives of the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) upon arrival in Dubai airports: Sudan, Lebanon, Egypt and Ethiopia.

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