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Destinations in the Philippines that you should visit this 2022.

For travelers, a new year means new opportunities to explore untapped regions in the country. With over 7,600 islands in its territory, deciding on your next Philippine destination could be mind-boggling. To help you out, we sought the advice of inveterate Pinoy travelers on emerging destinations in the Philippines that you should visit this 2022.

1. Linapacan, Palawan

Palawan is almost synonymous to El Nido and Coron – which are both among the best places in Palawan – but did you know that halfway between these islands lie 52 still untapped, paradisiacal islands filled with white beaches and crystal-clear waters? Linapacan, the biggest of this cluster of islands is teeming with shipwrecks, vibrant marine life and beaches that are just as drop dead gorgeous as those found in El Nido and Coron.There’s also a Spanish fortress, caves, and shipwrecks!

2. Bituin Cove, Batangas

Tucked between more popular Nasugbu getaways – Punta Fuego and Hamilo Coast – Bituin Cove is a serene pocket of beach purported to be owned by a well—known politician. Visitors can bask in beige sand, snorkel, or take a selfie on a helipad or resthouse, or simply marvel at the stars inside their tents.

3. Hermit’s Cove, Cebu

If you fancy off-the-beaten path travel destinations in the Philippines and Cebu lechon, you’ll probably like Hermit’s Cove southwest of Cebu City. Accessible by a cliffside stairs, this beaut features fine, off-white sand surrounded by tropical trees and aquamarine seas that are sure to delight beach bummers. Maximize your trip by taking a cruise in nearby Bojo River.

4. Tawi-Tawi, Mindanao

Among these provinces is Tawi-Tawi. Located at the southernmost tip of the Philippines, Tawi-Tawi is nowamong Philippines destinations that Filipino travelers recommend. It offers tranquil getaways including the Panampangan Sandbar – the Philippines’ longest island sandbar.

5. Culion, Palawan

The municipality of Culion offers tourists a journey back in time, with Spanish structures still in tact including a fort, church, and heritage houses. Because of its distance from other islands in Palawan, it also enjoys a rich and thriving reef system teeming with corals, hundreds of fish species, and seagrass. Mangroves also line Culion’s coastline.

6. Silanguin Cove and Sampaloc Cove, Zambales

From Pundaquit in Zambales, several coves can be reached by boat, all surrounded by agoho trees and verdant mountains. Staples include the coves of Anawangin and Nagsasa, but for those who value serenity, the farthest coves in Cawag, Silanguin and Sampaloc, are idealtravel destinations in the Philippines.

7. Tikling, Sorsogon

If you’re looking for a pink sand beach, look no further than Matnog in Sorsogon. Matnog offers three pink sand beaches – Subic Laki, Subic Liit, and Tikling islands – all of which get their hue from crushed red corals abundant in the area. Tikling in particular is noted for its fine sand.

8. Port Barton, Palawan

Port Barton is a relatively new discovery in the province of Palawan, and like its sister islands, it is a stunner in its own right. There are plenty of opportunities for trekking, snorkeling, and swimming with marine turtles.

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