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Boracay Travel Guides and Requirements!


Update on July 2021 .


❶ All Ages

❷ All Filipinos and foreigners residing in the Philippines.

❸ Tourists from GCQ / MGCQ areas .


❶❗Flight Details

✦ Must be a round trip

✦ For tourist only Caticlan Airport (MPH) via air

❷‼️Hotel Booking Confirmation

✦ Must be DOT accredited

✦ Update hotels list

❸‼️RT-PCR Covid Test ✦ Saliva, Nasopharyngeal or Oropharyngeal are all accepted. ✦ Negative Result Certificate with date of extraction within 72 hours of your flight ✦ PH Travel 50% RT-PCR Subsidy, submit it to 5 days flight. ✦ Licensed Covid-19 Testing Laboratory ✦ 2y/o and below not required

❹‼️Online Health Declaration Card (OHDC) ✦ Screenshot after confirmed ✦ One Person one card. Same as infant. ✦

❺❗S-Pass ✦ One Person One Account, same as infant. ✦ Need use it when in airport and during the trip ✦

❻‼️QR Code ✦ Submit it 12 hours before your flight ✦ Multiple tourist documents can be sent in one email. Just include a listing of the names of the tourists including infants and children. ✦ [ Email Address] ✦ [ Email Subject] OHDC-FamilyName, FirstName: [ Attached Documents] 👉➀ Screenshot of Online Health Declaration Card (OHDC) confirmation 👉➁ proof of identification with Philippine Residency 👉➂ RT-PCR Negative Result Certificate 👉➃ DOT Accredited Hotel Booking 👉➄ Flight Details 👉➅ Screenshot of PENDING S-Pass application (Not requirement for QR-Code but still need it during the trip) ✦ After submit it, will received QR-Code in 1 hour ✦ If didn’t receive QR-Code within 2 hours, send another follow up email. ✦ QR Code will be expired 12 hours after checkout ✦ To extend your staying, must send an email of a new hotel booking to same email ✦ link reference Aklan Tourist Guide ✦ Malay Tourism Office 24/7 Tourist Information Hotline

❼❗Traze Contact Tracing Mobile App . ✳TRANSFER FROM MPH TO BORACAY ISLAND ✈🚐🛥🛺 ✦ From Caticlan Airport (MPH) to Boracay total about 1~1.5 hours. ✦ Government fee at jetty port When arrival: Terminal fee ₱100, Environmental fee ₱150 Foreigner ₱300 When departure: Terminal fee ₱100 12y/o and below no environmental fee. 5y/o and below no terminal fee, 2y/o and below free, . ✳OTHER IMPORTANT INFORMATION 😷⛱😎 ✦ Need wear face mask & face shield when in airport, all transportation (air plane, trike, vehicle, boat), also when in City Mall. ✦ Need wear face mask all the time, can only remove it when eating, swimming and playing water sports. ✦ Restaurants, bars, stores close around 8pm~9pm ✦ Curfew hours is 10pm~5am ✦ Swimming at the beach is until 6:30pm only. ✦ Liquor ban. All stores are not allowed to sell liquor. ✦ Only Etrike in Boracay for tourist. Individual ₱20~50, chartered ₱80~150 up to the distance. ✦ Drinking, eating, smoke are not allowed at beachside, penalty ₱2,500. But it's okay if you are inside the establishments like bar, restaurants. it's also okay to eat and drink at the beach bath. ✦ No littering in Boracay, penalty ₱2,500 So plan ahead and prepare for your next vacation @ the Paradise of Boracay!

For More Details.

Contact Us: 09176335246

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Visit Us: 730-A Don Juico Ave, Brgy Anunas, Angeles City.


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