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✈✈Belarus Country in Europe

A country that only recently opened its borders to tourists already became a popular travel destination.

Belarus is a country of undiscovered sights that attract more and more international travelers.

To help you choose out of the wide variety of tourist attractions in Belarus, we chose our top 5 of diverse places after visiting which you can already feel that you took a dip into our country and its culture.

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Chalk Pits

They are often called ‘Belarusian Maldives‘. After seeing this place, you’ll want to stay here forever!

The azure water, beautiful landscapes, and a very special atmosphere will not leave you indifferent.

Nesvizh and Nesvizh Castle

One of the most popular Belarus tourist attractions and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The majestic and diverse architecture of the palace, magnificent landscape parks, ponds, the river – all this makes the Nesvizh ensemble a unique place of pilgrimage for the majority of tourists coming to our country.

Naroch National Park

The youngest national park in Belarus, and Naroch is the largest lake in the country. Numerous recreation centers, hotels, and sanatoriums were opened for tourists on the shores of the lake. This is a golden place for connoisseurs of nature and solitude.

Boris and Gleb (Kolozhskaya) Church

For antiquity lovers, it is worth visiting the only building on the territory of Belarus of the period of Ancient Rus, the Kolozhskaya church. It is located in Grodno, on the picturesque high bank of the Neman River.

this attraction is unique and you understand it only by getting here. After all, the preserved building is almost 10 centuries old!

Brest Fortress

Probably every inhabitant and many guests of the country are familiar with this landmark of Belarus located in the city of Brest, in the southwest of the country. But if suddenly you have not been to this place, then it’s worth to visit it! The fortress is the most popular Brest and Belarus tourist attraction, a symbol of Soviet resistance during the Second World War.

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